Professional Liability Investigations

Professional liability investigations by Bob Hanrahan of RGH Investigations understands the difficulty professional services can cause when the client or customer claims that you failed to perform part or all of the service, also commonly called errors and omissions. That’s where our skilled private investigators come in. Our job is to get the facts in the situation so it can be assessed and a strategy formed.

RGH Investigations works with many of the following professions including:

  • • Medical
  • • Insurance
  • • Consultants
  • • Brokers
  • • Lawyers
  • • Accountants
  • • Engineers
  • • Marketing/Public Relations
  • • Architects/Interior Designers
  • • Financial services
  • • Construction
  • • Maintenance
  • • Charities/not for profit

If you find yourself in a potentially serious situation, contact us today at 312.981.8770 to help gather the facts so the professional liability problem can be rectified.