Witness Interviews & Witness Statements

Interviewing witnesses and locating witnesses can be done efficiently and effectively with a private investigator such as Robert G Hanrahan in Chicago. Criminal cases, product liability cases, personal injury cases, intellectual property, pre-trials, commercial litigation and other complex cases requires a type of investigator that knows how to locate witnesses and interview witnesses in a way that persuades the witness to reveal information that may be instrumental to the criminal case.

Our private investigator reviews the case in detail and identifies potential witnesses named in the police report and police statements as well as new witnesses uncovered during further investigations in the neighborhood(s), workplace and other establishments. Our investigators will analyze the witness statements, compare and contrast the information and identify any discrepancies and areas of opportunities.

At RGH Investigations, our job is to investigate the facts and to find inconsistencies as well as the true facts in the criminal case. Contact Us when you are ready for your criminal case to be investigated.