Private Investigator Theft Investigations

Workplace theft can cost companies thousands of dollars to millions of dollars annually. Based on the type of theft occurred, companies and law firms in Chicago choose to hire private investigator, Bob Hanrahan to uncover the proof of wrongdoing.

Theft investigations can be more sophisticated to include activities such as fraud, embezzlement, insurance fraud claims, facility theft and identity theft to name a few. Robert G Hanrahan Investigations' job is to step in as quickly as possible to begin the theft investigations. Our job is to thoroughly investigate the situation if the person is aware of the investigation or not. Our private investigator team will identify the best course of action including undercover surveillance and interviews.

A thorough theft investigation is critical to knowing how the theft was planned and occurred.  We want to be sure that once the investigation is complete, the company can place safeguards to minimize the theft from occurring again.

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