Jury Investigations

Jury Investigations Prior to Trial

Jury private investigations by RGH Investigations are most often hired by law firms to collect a variety of information on potential jury members before the trial begins. Jury investigations uncovers as much information from internet sources, public records, residences and communities they reside in. In addition, law firms preparing for jury trial may want to take the background investigations a step further and find out if the person is biased in any way.

As a private investigation firm, we are able to check any biases using investigation tools such as criminal records, occupation, publicity, religious background or any direct interest in the case they would serve on. If the juror continues to be of suspect, RGH Investigations will apply additional services such as undercover investigations to disclose any other detailed information.

Our expert investigators are highly trained to learn everything you will need to know on every juror or a select juror. Findings from the jury investigations are then reported back to the lawyers for case preparation. As professional investigators, we know what it takes to get the job done.

Jury Polling Post-Trial Investigations

RGH Investigations is called upon by law firms or businesses to perform impartial, post trial inquiries. These jury post trial investigations can be due to a loss of a case or to ensure the other law firm doesn’t have a basis to overturn the verdict.

During a jury polling, we’re uncovering any potential information that may prove a juror or jurors to be biased, gather information from outside sources that were not introduced at trial, or influenced in any way even though they were instructed to refrain from outside discussions.

Our team of private investigators have the experience to perform a variety of investigative tools in order to uncover the truth for your case. Contact us today to find out what’s behind a jury.

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