Private Investigator Intellectual Property: Copyright, Trademark, Patents

Intellectual property investigations by private investigation firm RGH Investigations, understands the high value placed on intellectual property. Your creative thoughts as defined in patents, copyright material and trademarks are difficult cases to prove and require proven professionals such as private investigators and lawyers. Our job as private detectives are to legally protect your ideas and identify the perpetrator, uncover their location and the exact timing your intellectual property was improperly used.

Deceptive Product Manufacturing

Product counterfeiting is a common occurrence. Because you have a great product, others want to profit and create an imitation of your product. When it’s a case of a tangible product, again we’ll investigate patent, trademark, copyright infringement, including but not limited to domain name, brand name and any online piracy.

Copyright Investigations

Software code, pictures, music, drawings, writings, and other creative works are all part of copyright protection and should be properly registered. We’ll thoroughly investigate any copyright infringements for which your copyright is defined.

Trademark Investigations

Logos, colors, packaging that identifies you and your product are registered pieces of work. It usually is symbolized with the Registration symbol. We carefully investigate the definition of your application and investigate the nature of the fraudulent product.

As private investigators protecting your intellectual property, we’ll apply many investigative services such as:

RGH Investigations understands that this has become a very small world and new ideas and inventions are to be protected. Contact us today to begin protecting your name and brand you’ve worked so hard to create, build and protect.

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