Insurance Private Investigations

RGH Investigations, in Chicago, has the experience in various types of insurance investigations including worker’s compensation insurance, health insurance, car insurance, home insurance, life insurance and for insurance companies. Our job is to uncover the facts so you can make the best decision possible in your case, with an employee or claim.

There are various investigative services RGH Investigators use in order to determine the facts such as:

Worker’s Compensation Insurance Investigation: a worker’s comp claim investigation will verify the details of the claim and confirm if the accident happened during the individual’s workday.

Health Insurance Investigation: There are times when a person files a claim for services not needed. An investigation will help to uncover the truth about the actions taken.

Car Insurance Investigation: Accidents happen all the time, however, if the accident is purposely done and accusations are blamed at the innocent party, a false claim is filed. Investigators uncover the truth about the situation in order to place the responsibility on the correct party involved.

Home Insurance Investigation: Disasters create all sorts of damage to a home. Sometimes, false damage claims are filed even if the home wasn’t damaged. Investigators will evaluate the home insurance claim and also verify if coverage was increased in coordination with the claim.

Life Insurance Investigation: It’s always a sad time when a family or friend passes on. Claiming a life insurance claim or taking out a very large life insurance policy while the person’s alive, is what a private investigator will find out.

Insurance Company Investigation: The insurance business can be a challenging balancing act with claims. There are times when insurance companies begin to follow poor business practice and refuses to sufficiently compensate a customer’s claim. An RGH investigator will uncover the facts in order to assist on a case or complaint.

We work as a team to identify and report all findings, conducted and prepared by our highly skilled private investigators with insurance investigation experience. Contact RGH Investigations today at 312.981.8770.