Private Investigator In-depth Interview

In-depth interviews by a private investigator such as Robert Hanrahan, are an important part of an investigation, whether it’s for wrongful death, car accident, industrial accident, theft or even workman compensation issue.

All of our in-depth interviews will be defensible in court as each interview lead by our private investigators will be fair and thorough. Our private detectives have a simple goal in mind: to get the evidence, confessions and information that helps to uncover the truth about the case or situation.

With our years of in-depth interviewing experience, we understand the critical nature of preparing the place where interviews are to occur. We are skilled in questioning, developing the story, finding areas for clarification for various personality types ensuring we get to the answers effectively. We know when to talk, listen and stay silent. We’ll get the job done to uncover the information that is potentially missing.

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