Construction Private Investigations

Construction private investigator, Bob Hanrahan provides investigation services for Chicago construction companies and companies across the Midwest and country. RGH Investigations has worked in the construction industry for various matters including undercover investigations, surveillance, job site accidents, background checks, locating employees or witnesses and witness interviews to name a few.

Our private detectives work to confirm or validate statements or incidences on the job.

  • Undercover investigations expose potential wrongdoing by employees or contractors.
  • Surveillance investigations uncovers any evidence of misconduct such as on a jobsite, workman’s compensation, OSHA, or jobsite theft.
  • Jobsite accident investigations take into consideration the cause and any factors that went into the jobsite accident. Additional investigation services can include photography and interviews.
  • Background checks are a necessity prior to hiring an employee or entrusting a contractor to perform work on your behalf. It’s best to know of any issues and resolutions prior to introducing them to your company.
  • Locating employees or locating witnesses are vital when the jobsite project has not been completed.
  • • Witness statements are vital in order to uncover the facts and discover inconsistencies. These are frequently found in worker’s compensation claims, criminal and theft.

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