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A Case for the Holidays

Now that a year has passed, we wanted to share a particular case that we worked on last December. It was a unique situation where we were hired on a case to investigate threats and an attempted break in at a manufacturing facility. The company manufactures a special kind of dusting powder where the final step in the process is only performed by a single person, and has been for years. The formula apparently is a one-of-a-kind. That’s all they would tell us.

We had to investigate in two different ways: undercover, posing as employees of the facility and surveillance on key employees that may come in contact with the person who performs the final step in the process. The undercover operation provided a couple of key triggers that enabled us to pinpoint employees to monitor. We found that every person we were further investigating were temporary workers from EL-Foundation. Little was found on this organization, both on the Web and Dark Web.

We knew that the manufacturing operation runs a 24 x 5 shift especially in November and December, their busiest time of year. Next, we uncovered that all three of the temp workers either started or ended their shift around the time of the final step of the manufacturing process. This means their access to this person that performs the final step was greater than anyone else.

We decided that video and photography were instrumental in developing the proof we needed to protect this person and the company, while utilizing our undercover employees to remain on the premises. We tracked the temp workers and ensured the cameras were operational and the undercover employees were in place. Let’s just say we literally ‘saw’ what was going on. Once we showed management our findings, we were sworn to secrecy and cannot reveal the details of the video.

Let’s just say this special person hired his own helpers from EL-Foundation to ensure the safety of the dusting powder. All that we can say for sure is that if it wasn’t for this special person and EL-Foundation, we wouldn’t have our stockings filled, or unsigned presents that magically appear in our homes. This is one case better left unsaid.

Happy Holidays!

How Private Investigators Search for the Truth in a Workman’s Comp Claim

It is often that a private investigator such as RGH Investigators gets hired by a workman’s compensation lawyer or an insurance company to investigate a claimant. According to, studies indicate that 1% to more than 2% of insurance claims are fraudulent.

According to, there are 10 common warning signs of worker’s compensation fraud.

1. Monday morning injury

2. The claim is made right before or after a termination or layoff

3. Provider has a history of questionable claims

4. Lack of witnesses

5. Conflicting information

6. History of claims

7. Refused treatment

8. Delay in reporting a claim

9. Claimant is hard to reach

10. History of changes in addresses, jobs etc.

If your firm or insurance company experience any of the warning signs in the submitted claim, we can work with your firm or insurance company to uncover the truth about the workman’s comp claim.

There are numerous ways RGH Investigations works to validate the claim. Here are only a few:

• Surveillance – An effective way private investigator tracks and monitors the movements of the claimant. Surveillance is a valuable service used as pictures and videos of the claimant moving, lifting or performing tasks that are restricted by their doctor is the best way to prove their abilities if they are being deceptive.

• Internet – People just can’t help themselves when it comes to posting to the Internet. People regularly post pictures and discuss their activities on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, SnapChat and Instagram to name a few. Our experienced internet investigators will find and track the claimant’s activities online.

Interviews – Investigators will talk with those that know or work with the claimant gaining an understanding of the movements prior and after filing a claim.

If you are suspicious of a false claim, contact RGH Investigations today so we can uncover the truth.

Private Investigators Keep Employee Theft in Check

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners identified 3 factors that influence crime in business: motive, opportunity and rationalization (or excuses). As a result, 75% of employees have stolen from their place of business. And it’s all types of business, not just retail.

Here are a few areas employees steal from their employers:

1. Product: Theft of a product occurs in many ways. From a simply can of soda, computer software to office equipment and food. In most cases it’s a few employees who choose to steal, but there have been times when just about the entire staff was stealing from the owner. There are always a few surprises to management or owners when they get the results of our investigation.

2. Time: There are lots of ways employees steal time. Not claiming vacation time, coming in late, leaving early, other employees signing you in/out of the time clock, computer, or register and the more interesting ‘fake’ employee.

3. Money: Theft of money is most popular when you are dealing with cash itself. But it doesn’t have to be just cash. What about expense reports, checks or embezzlement? These are all forms of money.

4. Intellectual Property: These don’t have to be just blueprints or patented materials, it can also include databases and customer information.

5. Worker’s Compensation: RGH Investigations has covered this topic before. It’s one of the more popular services as facts of a claim need to be evaluated to ensure the injured employee is following the doctor’s orders.

If you want to get employee theft under control in your business or have a case of employee theft, RGH Investigations can help you obtain the proof you need to decipher which employee(s) are stealing. We’ll utilize numerous methods to uncover theft of employees such as:

• Surveillance

• Undercover operations

• Interviews and interrogations

Once complete, preventative measures can be put into place to ensure employee theft stays at a minimum. Visit our employee theft service.

Extract the Most Information Possible from Witness Statements with RGH Investigations

Car accidents, employee theft fraud, civil rights, and criminal cases have witnesses that need to be interviewed in order to collect as much information about the situation or accident as possible. Law firms working on cases where interviewing witnesses is part of the process, request us to complete the task on their behalf. The reasons vary however, my personal favorite is our neutrality.

Lawyers just want to get down to the facts, the reasons why the situation occurred. Even thought a private investigator is often thought of as someone hiding in the bushes with a cranky personality, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, our goal is to find the information or evidence to uncover the truth, but we also understand what that may mean to an individual’s reputation and/or emotional state. The private investigators at RGH Investigations handles each person carefully to extract the most information possible. Our job is to:

* Understand what a potential witness would say at trial

* Take their statement and listen for conflicting information

* Gauge the temperature of the witness, would they turn or are they genuine

But in order to take their statements, many times we first have to locate them. Locating witnesses is a service by itself, a service usually used in conjunction with interviewing witnesses.

When you have a case that includes finding and/or interviewing witnesses, contact RGH Investigations, experienced with bringing out the most information from a witness possible. Call me, Bob Hanrahan directly on my cell phone at 312-768-0376.

Difficult Process Serving? RGH Investigations Will Show You How It's Done

There are times when process serving becomes a challenge.

Some people are simply very good at evading law enforcement, lawyers, and many other professionals. Here’s a great example. This male person was needed to show up in court. However, it was difficult to track him down, and other have tried. Now it was our turn. We found out that his place of residence was in a high rise with plenty of security. Same with his workplace. Lots of security.

We monitored his comings and goings and discovered he had an appointment. This would leave him exposed once he exited his car and again in the lobby of the building. To avoid detection and to ensure maximum coverage, we situated investigators in the parking lot and lobby of the building. Once he existed his car and not able to return to it quickly or go inside of the building, we approached the person and served him.

Bringing in a private investigator like RGH Investigations is critical on order for the case to get its best chance. We utilize various investigative techniques both online and off line.

So, if you need help with depositions, order to show cause, order to appear for examination, summons or a trial appearance, ensure it’s done right by bringing in RGH Investigations to help.

Visit our process serving services now.

Using a Private Investigator for Employee Theft

There isn’t a business out there who enjoys losing money, product or being taken advantage of by employees or contractors. Employee theft is on the rise.

According to Chain Store Age, 438,000 shoplifters and dishonest employees were apprehended in 2016 recovering more than $42 million. In 2016, dishonest employees increased by 10%. What does this mean for your business? Regardless if you are in retail or not, employees will attempt to steal product or be dishonest in areas such as reporting time on the time clock, reporting sick time or even family leave.

What can you do?

Being more proactive by including a private investigation firm such as RGH Investigations. Involving the police is a great solution, however, they usually get involved after theft has occurred. Your company can’t afford the additional loss. Our team of investigators will take that a step further.

* Before you hire: Perform a more extensive background check. To see the full list of what reports and history we run

* Surveillance: There are numerous ways in which we can perform surveillance.

- Undercover Investigations: This is when RGH Investigations acts as an employee of the company. This is sometimes the best way to gain understanding of an individuals unethical behavior or sometimes we uncover a much larger situation where it involves numerous employees.

- Worker’s Comp and Personal Injury: These are workers who claim to be harmed at work. When that happens, keeping a close watch can be important to proving their truthfulness. We’ll perform surveillance and take pictures and video of their unauthorized actions.

- Employee surveillance: There are times when a particular employee is suspect. We’ll implement a variety of surveillance techniques in order to gain a full understanding of the employee and their potential misdeeds.

Any information we uncover, we share with you. RGH Investigations has been around since 1956 investigating all types of employees and contractors in various businesses. Hire a discreet and professional firm such as RGH Investigations. If there’s anything to be found, we will.

How a Private Investigator Can Effectively Help with Process Serving

There are many people who don’t want to be served any type of legal documents. If they are trying to avoid a court case, individuals will try to be creative and hide or simply leave town…all in the quest of avoiding being served. It can affect the outcome of the court case you are working on. Instead on taking on the responsibility of finding the individual, leave it to RGH Investigations.

Our highly experienced investigators use a variety of techniques such as skip tracing, for those who leave town or even the country, and surveillance. These techniques are the most commonly used, but rest assure there are other techniques to track and find the individual.

Once the person is found, we ensure that the documents are served professionally and legally. Serving legal papers is a regular occurrence for RGH Investigations, we know the tricks they will try to use and say. It just won’t work.

We’ve served a variety of legal documents such as depositions, order to show cause, order to appear for examination, summons and trial appearance.

Let RGH Investigations do the process serving for you. Call 312-981-8770

Need to Locate a Missing Person?

Locating a missing person most often occurs before or during a case, or when an incident in the workplace occurs. When it does, it’s vital to use a highly skilled investigator such as RGH Investigations, who know the techniques for uncovering hard to find people. Use our specialized locates service when:

• The missing person is purposing hiding

• The person is avoiding being served

• You can’t find a past employee

• You can’t find a witness and time is of the essence

RGH Investigations can obtain information far greater than what basic Internet searches provide. Our investigators use a variety of techniques from records search (business, marital, court) to interviews, social media, and surveillance. Our job is to narrow down the possibilities quickly so we can get you the information that is vital to your case, accident or other work related incidences.

Give us a call so we can help your case or work related issue. Call us today at 312-981-8770.

Private Investigations on Insurance Claims

RGH Investigations works with insurance companies when you need clarification and verification on a claim. Our team of investigators in Chicago uncover the facts using services such as surveillance, interviews, research online / offline, fraud, and theft investigations.

Ask us if you need a workman’s comp claim or health insurance claim investigated. We work with some of the most well known insurance companies in Illinois working to get answers so you can make the best decisions on the claim or even on your case. Give me a call and I’ll share some examples of how we’ve helped insurance companies verify the facts of a claim.