Breach of Contract Private Investigator

Breach of contract investigator, Robert G Hanrahan in Chicago, IL has the knowledge and experience of working to uncover the facts whether it’s on behalf of the employee or for the organization.

Breach of Contract: Non-Compete

Employee - Even when an employee agrees to sign a non-compete contract, situations occur that make the impenetrable…penetrable. There are times when the non-compete may be challenged. Our job is to help investigate the individual situation and uncover the information that supports your case. For instance, if you searched and found a new job, your new position may not violate the precise terms of the non-compete. Or, the non-compete verbiage may be vague to enforce. Sometimes, the company may have violated its own employee handbook rules or the employer needs to clearly describe their business reasons for enforcing the non-compete.

Organization - When an employee agrees to sign a non-compete contract, that individual is obligated to uphold the terms so not to divulge any trade, client or business secrets to the organizations direct or indirect competition. There are on occasion, when an organization chooses to verify that a former employee is upholding the agreement with employment verification. If there is reason to believe the employee has breached the non-compete, RGH Investigations can conduct further investigations in order to fully understand the intentions of the former employee, which may include but not limited to surveillance, interviews, records search, video and/or photography.

Our experienced private investigators work to gain as much information on the situation as possible so your attorney has the necessary evidence to support your case.

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