Private Investigator, Robert G Hanrahan, Since 1956

RGH Investigations is an Essential Business Provider and will remain OPEN to serve you through this unprecedented time.

RGH Investigations, owned and operated by Bob Hanrahan, is a full service, licensed, and highly experienced private investigation agency located in Chicago, IL. Our reputation for comprehensive investigative work is deep rooted, stemming from well-known private investigator Edward R. Hanrahan, Bob's father, who practiced in Chicago for 40+ years.

For the past 60 years, RGH Investigations’ team of private investigators regularly serve papers, work surveillance cases, workman's comp cases, and background check in the Chicagoland area and across the country.

We serve small and large law firms and companies in insurance, automotive, industrial, healthcare and hospitality to name a few. Law firms and corporations come to RGH Investigations because of our deep Chicago roots and reputation for timely, reliable results.


Uncover wrongdoing with employees, worker's comp claims, personal injury, theft & undercover investigations.

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Witness Interview

Find & interview witnesses that uncover information that may be instrumental to the criminal case.

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Process Serving

Specialize in serving papers to difficult to serve & evasive individuals for the legal and business communities.

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Background Checks

Gain insights into a person's character, professional and personal history. Hire or do business with the right person.

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All of our private investigators are discrete, skilled professionals, ensuring that all matters are strictly confidential. We regularly conduct investigations that deliver witness statements, interviews, photographic evidence, locates, financial investigations, background check, pre-trial, process serving including subpoenas and all other legal documents.

Individuals with a wide variety of personal and domestic issues such as infidelity (we provide both surveillance and electronic forenics), asset checks, background checks, and locates regularly reach out to RGH Investigations for thorough and discrete outcomes.

Each case will have Bob Hanrahan, a 35 year veteran private investigator and Dan Spatafora, Director of Investigations and a former Senior Federal Law Enforcement Officer with the U.S. Government, supervise, to ensure the details of the case are completed accurately. Be sure to view our latest blog post.