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Using a Private Investigator for Employee Theft

There isn’t a business out there who enjoys losing money, product or being taken advantage of by employees or contractors. Employee theft is on the rise.

According to Chain Store Age, 438,000 shoplifters and dishonest employees were apprehended in 2016 recovering more than $42 million. In 2016, dishonest employees increased by 10%. What does this mean for your business? Regardless if you are in retail or not, employees will attempt to steal product or be dishonest in areas such as reporting time on the time clock, reporting sick time or even family leave.

What can you do?

Being more proactive by including a private investigation firm such as RGH Investigations. Involving the police is a great solution, however, they usually get involved after theft has occurred. Your company can’t afford the additional loss. Our team of investigators will take that a step further.

* Before you hire: Perform a more extensive background check. To see the full list of what reports and history we run

* Surveillance: There are numerous ways in which we can perform surveillance.

- Undercover Investigations: This is when RGH Investigations acts as an employee of the company. This is sometimes the best way to gain understanding of an individuals unethical behavior or sometimes we uncover a much larger situation where it involves numerous employees.

- Worker’s Comp and Personal Injury: These are workers who claim to be harmed at work. When that happens, keeping a close watch can be important to proving their truthfulness. We’ll perform surveillance and take pictures and video of their unauthorized actions.

- Employee surveillance: There are times when a particular employee is suspect. We’ll implement a variety of surveillance techniques in order to gain a full understanding of the employee and their potential misdeeds.

Any information we uncover, we share with you. RGH Investigations has been around since 1956 investigating all types of employees and contractors in various businesses. Hire a discreet and professional firm such as RGH Investigations. If there’s anything to be found, we will.

How a Private Investigator Can Effectively Help with Process Serving

There are many people who don’t want to be served any type of legal documents. If they are trying to avoid a court case, individuals will try to be creative and hide or simply leave town…all in the quest of avoiding being served. It can affect the outcome of the court case you are working on. Instead on taking on the responsibility of finding the individual, leave it to RGH Investigations.

Our highly experienced investigators use a variety of techniques such as skip tracing, for those who leave town or even the country, and surveillance. These techniques are the most commonly used, but rest assure there are other techniques to track and find the individual.

Once the person is found, we ensure that the documents are served professionally and legally. Serving legal papers is a regular occurrence for RGH Investigations, we know the tricks they will try to use and say. It just won’t work.

We’ve served a variety of legal documents such as depositions, order to show cause, order to appear for examination, summons and trial appearance.

Let RGH Investigations do the process serving for you. Call 312-981-8770

Need to Locate a Missing Person?

Locating a missing person most often occurs before or during a case, or when an incident in the workplace occurs. When it does, it’s vital to use a highly skilled investigator such as RGH Investigations, who know the techniques for uncovering hard to find people. Use our specialized locates service when:

• The missing person is purposing hiding

• The person is avoiding being served

• You can’t find a past employee

• You can’t find a witness and time is of the essence

RGH Investigations can obtain information far greater than what basic Internet searches provide. Our investigators use a variety of techniques from records search (business, marital, court) to interviews, social media, and surveillance. Our job is to narrow down the possibilities quickly so we can get you the information that is vital to your case, accident or other work related incidences.

Give us a call so we can help your case or work related issue. Call us today at 312-981-8770.

Private Investigations on Insurance Claims

RGH Investigations works with insurance companies when you need clarification and verification on a claim. Our team of investigators in Chicago uncover the facts using services such as surveillance, interviews, research online / offline, fraud, and theft investigations.

Ask us if you need a workman’s comp claim or health insurance claim investigated. We work with some of the most well known insurance companies in Illinois working to get answers so you can make the best decisions on the claim or even on your case. Give me a call and I’ll share some examples of how we’ve helped insurance companies verify the facts of a claim.